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The Lost Dragon by Drako

The Lost Dragon by Drako

Andreas Damone, son of the Black Dragon God, Jarel, is more than 11,000 years old. At the beginning of the novel, his mission was to hunt rogue vampires in the city of St. Louis, Missouri. He has been alone for most of those years, having lost his soul mate prior to beginning his service for the Black Dragon God when he was serving as a Spartan soldier. His lover was a fellow soldier who died in Andreas’ arms during the war.

Jarel approaches Andreas with a special mission: he asks his son to protect Odele, one of Apollo’s healers. Jarel suspects that Kalos, leader of the massive horde of rogue vampires, will try to capture Odele and use her blood in a ceremony to raise Cronus. Cronus’ rising would ultimately lead to the rising of the Titans and a war above all wars as Cronus and the Titans would attempt to overthrow Zeus. It is Anrdreas’ job to prevent this from happening and to discover the identity of the traitor god or goddess shielding Kalos.

In addition to this massive task, Andreas is soon also tasked with guarding his nephews, as well as Cassandra.

The story itself was compelling, but the author had a jarring way of occasionally narrating straight to the reader. This was disturbing and interrupted the flow of the story. The text was often delivered in a dull, monotonous form, rather than enticing the reader through the wonders of mythology, as should have been done. There were also some grammatical issues that seriously needed to be resolved.

These issues aside, there is an 11,000 year-old love story, demons, dragons, detailed fight scenes, gods and goddesses and families that are more dysfunctional that most people can imagine. The Lost Dragon has something to offer everyone.

This book was provided by the author through Goodreads’ Read for Review program in exchange for an honest review.

Crimson Sunrise by Renee Rearden

Crimson Sunrise by Renee Rearden


Saari Mitchell and her two mates are supposed to be spending time getting to know each other in this sequel to Moonlight Bleu. Instead, Dhelis is in Washington, D.C., testifying before the government in an effort to secure more money for the paranormal budget. Brogan has been called to heal a severe gunshot wound inflicted upon a Tueri Council member during a robbery.


Mag and Saari are in serious trouble orchestrated by Dhelis’ long-time, stalking, ex-girlfriend, Josie. The devious plan she has concocted could result in the dissolution of the mating among Saari, Dhelis, and Brogan.


Josie’s plans are rooted in more than simple jealousy. She has a deep-seated need to control and harm that is more twisted than most minds can grasp. It will take Saari, her mates, and all her new friends to unravel Josie’s evil plan and save not only her newly formed Trigonal mating bond, but her new culture as a whole.


Renee Rearden knows how to keep the reader enthralled. Her characters are fully-formed beings with engrossing personalities. The villains are as well-developed as the heroes. Josie is a malicious bitch, a genuine wicked stalker who the reader loves to hate. The men are deliciously different, but all are delectable. This author is someone to follow.  


This book was provided by the author through Goodreads’ Read for Review program in exchange for an honest review.

Moonlight Bleu by Renee Rearden

Moonlight Bleu by Renee Rearden


Saari Mitchell, betrayed by her best friend in the 1400s, was forced to watch as her lover was murdered. His murder was used as a sacrifice in a cruel ritual that not only forever deprived Saari of his love, but also cursed her to immortality


Five hundred years later, Saari still has nightmares about the dreadful night her lover was murdered. Each year, before her birthday, the nightmare returns. This year, Saari has begun seeing a psychologist to get to the bottom of the dream. But somehow, Dr. Clayton Lytton has managed to make the dream worse. It occurs nightly now.


Due to her inability to sleep, Saari goes to work early only to intercept a rogue vampire attacking a mother and her toddler. She saves the duo but is injured in the process.


She awakens to find herself in her bedroom being watched by her brother and best friend, Mag, along with a stranger who has eyes exactly like hers. When they touch, the light is so bright, it actually burns Mag. Dhalis Guidry, an investigator, is a member of the Tueri. He explains that such energy reactions indicate a true match. They are mates. He takes her to a healer whose energy also merges with hers. She is mated to two men.


Saari Mitchell, a woman who has never known from whence she came, a woman who long ago gave up on ever loving again is about to find herself not only loving, but loving and mated to two men. She finds that she is a member of the Tueri culture, and struggles to learn the customs.


Simultaneously, a supernatural serial killer is on the loose that could destroy Saari’s chances of love before she’s ever fully grasped them.


Moonlight Bleu is a well-written novel that offers the reader an introduction to a variety of paranormal characters not commonly found. The author creates characters that come to life. The descriptions are so vivid that, at times, I wanted to reach through the page and slap some sense into Dhalis.   


The concept of the Tueri culture is fascinating and compels one to delve further, turning pages to learn more. Additionally, the villain is not exactly what one would expect. The action is fast-paced, and surprises abound.


For lovers of paranormal romance, this author is one that should be included in any decent collection.


This book was provided by the author through the Goodreads Read for Review program in exchange for an honest review.


Storm of Blood by Lissa Bilyk

Storm of Blood  (Storm Force, Book 1) by Lissa Bilyk


The book begins with Christine Storm at a hearing for using her vanquishing rite improperly. She had used her power to kill a human rather than to vanquish a demon as her power is allegedly designed. Even though she killed the man in order to save an innocent girl from the clutches of a serial killer, she is still in trouble with the Council. In addition to having killed a human, she asked a demon to assist in rescuing the girl from the killer. The demon, Tengu, has a treaty with the Council, but the Council is not impressed. As a result, they ban Christine’s (Tina) power.


The Council then assigns Tina and her mother to infiltrate a coven of witches suspected of using blood magic. Tina, who has always protected herself from getting close to anyone, and only has one friend (even though she now finds herself falling for Tengu), is expected to become friends with the young witches in the coven to help determine who is behind the use of blood magic. With her power banned, she at great risk and cannot protect herself or her best friend without her magic. She is surrounded by people of dubious character and many who are extremely dangerous. Thus, begins her greatest problems.


Storm of Blood is very well-written. The action is non-stop and the characters are engaging. The enemy is vile and the reader is thoroughly happy to be disgusted by the bad folks (and they are not all exactly as expected). The heroine is defective and thus so much more effective in her role. The hero is just what one wants in a hero: kind, compassionate, dependable, a shapeshifter, strong, brave, etc. This book is bound to be a success and is one of the very few ongoing series I vow to follow.

Switch by Karen Prince

Switch by Karen Prince


Ethan Flynn, a very, picky boy from Zimbabwe is forced to visit his hateful stepmother and uncaring father during his school holiday. After they forced him to visit, they immediately traveled away on business, transferring Ethan into the care of his Uncle Alan.


His uncle planned to take Ethan, his cousin Joe, and Joe’s friend Tariro on safari. Joe’s friend was jealous at having to share Joe with Ethan, so proposed going to a bush camp with his friends from school instead. He knew the conditions would be extremely primitive, and Ethan, who was very fastidious, and wouldn’t even touch animals for fear that they might drool on him, would certainly not want to go with them. Ethan surprised them and agreed to go to the bush camp.


Almost immediately, tragedy struck. While the boys were swimming, and Ethan and another boy watched from shore, the air shimmered and Joe disappeared. A witch appeared in his place.  A leopard appeared nearby. The witch was dragged to the shore and Ethan began to perform CPR on her to get her breathing again.


Once she was revived, it was discovered that she (Gogo Maya) and the leopard named Salih, had been captured by a tribe of the Sokoloshes, hairy little men who were usually only visible to children. To escape, Gogo Maya had used a little trick that she called a “switch.” The problem was that wherever Gogo Maya appeared, the person occupying the space she needed traded places with her.


So, the adventure began. Joe was in the witch’s land of magic, danger, and possible slavery and Ethan and Salih (who could communicate with Ethan telepathically) along with a couple of other boys were off to rescue them.


This is a very compelling story of a magic-filled land. We all have dreamed of a place of magic. Sometimes we forget that we might like to live in place where magic might be as easily gained as drinking the water. This book tells what can happen when such power is taken for granted and foolishly abused. It also teaches of control, compassion, love and the beauty of friendships gained and the sadness of friendships gone away.

Cherishing Destiny by Noelle Blakely

Cherishing Destiny by Noelle Blakely


Cherishing Destiny begins with Destiny beaten and left for dead. As she heals, she reflects back upon her heritage. When her vampire mother died, she transferred her memories to her daughter, Destiny, a Vamphyr.


On the night of Destiny’s conception, the world was struck by a solar storm of unexpected intensity. As a result, the world and all within it were forever changed. A tsunami eradicated major cities; there was no longer power or running water in most places. Communication signals were a thing of the past.


Mercenary Hunters took over the remnants of the highways, determined to eradicate Vampires and most of the Weres in existence.


Vampires seem to have lost their immortality, but have gained the ability to walk in the sun. They can now also reproduce. Their offspring are called Vamphyr. Destiny was the first Vamphyr to be conceived.


The book is about the struggle for power in a new world of shifting borders, changing ideals, and an altering planet.


While the premise is creative, the book is riddled with grammatical and punctuation errors that distract greatly from the story. These errors continuously jerk the reader from the fictional world decreasing the reading pleasure.


Book provided by the author (via Goodreads’ Lovers of Paranormal for an honest review).

Baltamar’s War

Beltamar’s War by C.G. Ayling


Beltamar’s War takes place on the world of Malmaxa; a planet quite unlike Earth in both inhabitants and lifestyles. It is a world fraught with danger, yet also filled with types of love that mere Earthlings seem to have foregone eons ago for more easily achieved gratifications.


Each season, the warrior class of Malmaxa goes to war to fight against the Ancient Enemy. Beltamar is a warrior in this never-ending battle. Ripkira, who has great respect for Beltamar, is his commander in this war. Faroene, a fellow warrior, has come to share her heart with him.


He must leave his wife, Daniskir, a renowned Symbologist, and his child, Selene, to fight. He joins his pseudo-friend Adelmar in the battle. Adelmar secretly despises Beltamar and schemes against him at every turn.


In the village, Beltamar’s family faces a number of heart-wrenching and life-threatening events. Eden, daughter of Ryntam, niece of Daniskira, falls unconscious as she experiences a painful and devastating vision of battle. She is uncertain whether she should share this vision with her family members and her best friend, Selene, Beltamar’s daughter. She is only turning six season’s old, the burden of the vision weighs heavily upon her mind.


Liaju and her twin brother Rethga will undergo their Vision Quests as they pass from child to adult when they turn twelve seasons. They discover that they are linked together in inexplicable ways.


Beltamar’s War is a colorful journey in another world. The animals there are vicious; the people often brutal, but what you will discover as you travel within this world is that you don’t want to leave. You learn the language, the lifestyle, and the beliefs and you find that you yearn to learn even more.


C.G. Ayling has crafted a fantasy realm that is beautiful, harsh, and invigorating. The dangers are real, and the adventures grand. This is a world you need to investigate for yourself.