Blood Brothers by Jody Zimmerman

Blood Brothers by Jody Zimmerman


This in-depth saga follows a man’s journey through the fragile, danger-filled waters of time as he relives past memories in his quest to capture his brother’s killer. This novel is fraught with emotion, traveling the spectrum of sorrow, to horror, to disgust, to peace.


The characters are vivid and carefully constructed and become living, breathing entities as the author builds layer upon layer of personality into each one. The villain is so corrupt that it is almost inconceivable that such a person could ever truly exist, but he is so carefully wrought that we all know he is out there somewhere, waiting.


Zimmerman’s descriptions of his characters’ wardrobes and physical surroundings are so detailed that they are easily pictured in the mind’s eye. The foods are described so perfectly that the reader can easily smell the scrumptious aromas and taste each item. The architecture and interior decorating are described in exquisite detail so the reader becomes engrossed in the characters’ living environment.


This is a difficult read at times simply because the subject matter is so heart-wrenching. Sexual abuse is a difficult topic to discuss. Zimmerman writes about this topic in a way that eloquently depicts a few of the many ways sexual abuse can affect victims’ lives and the lives of all those who come into contact with those victims. He does this in a way that is open and honest. Some people may prefer to keep their eyes closed about this topic. For those people, read a fairy tale. For people who want an honest view of life along with a dose of mystery and adventure, this is absolutely the book for you!


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