Dark Side of Sunset Pointe by Michael Allan Scott

Dark Side of Sunset Pointe


This novel was very, very slow. The action was intermittent, with a shift from the future to the recent past without any headings explaining what was happening. This was quite confusing until the reader adjusted to the style and could be off-putting for some readers.


The hero, a broken-down older guy who was supposed to be photographer was quite compelling. However, the consistent misspelling of the camera as a “Cannon,” rather than the correct “Canon” was annoying, as were his confusing visions coupled with repeated hospitalizations.


Also, it is incredible bordering on absurd to expect intelligent readers to believe that any self-respecting police department is going to usher a reporter and her photographer into a “fresh” crime scene. A simple bit of research could have prevented this glaring and offensive error. This repeated mistake affects the entire novel. A simple bit of creative adjustment could have prevented this glaring error.


While the novel is slow, and the few errors are large, the author manages to engross the reader in the story line. The main character is likeable enough, and the premise of the psychic itself is sound enough, that the ground is laid for a solid and much better, sequel featuring the main character and the detective.


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