Hounded by Kevin Hearne

Hounded by Kevin Hearne


Atticus O’Sullivan, the world’s last Druid (possibly, at least), along with his trusty canine sidekick, Oberon, are the main characters in this well researched tale of hate, discontent, humor, and general mischief among the gods and goddesses of history.


Atticus, a 2100+ year-old Druid currently resides in Arizona and owns a book store. However, his seemingly benign persona hides an entity that is pursued by the Irish gods, the Tuatha De Danann, because he “obtained” a sword (Fragarach the Answerer) many years earlier in battle.


The book is filled with sexy encounters, magic, shape-shifting, battles, and other thrilling adventures. Additionally, the main characters are witty, intelligent, and sarcastically humorous. Since Oberon is capable of communicating with Atticus via a mental link, readers get to hear the dog’s very amusing comments throughout the book.


There is something for those of all religions in Hounded. It is an equal opportunity novel.


This is definitely a series (and an author) that should be closely followed.


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