Runes (Book One) by Ednah Walters

Runes (Book One) by Ednah Walters


Runes is about Raine Cooper and how her life begins to dramatically change as she nears her seventeenth birthday. Her father has vanished in a crash over the ocean. Her best friend, Eirik, has moved out of the house next door. Also, in spite of all her wishes and dreams, he continues to see her only as a friend and not as something more, as she has hoped for so long. Her other best friend, Cora, is a bit on the wild side, but is unerringly loyal.


Just as things start to fall into place, and Eirick and Raine have become a couple, things begin to go awry.  The young man who moves next door into Eirick’s old house seems to be able to mess with Raine’s emotions in all kinds of ways. Where Eirick is warmth and comfort, Torin is hot steamy passion and all kinds of longing. And Torin says he can do magic. Can he? Other new students seem to possess similar skills. What is going on and why are they interested in the swim team?


On top of all Raine’s emotional confusion, the tragedies begin. First people get hurt. Then they begin to die. What on earth is happening to Raine’s once quiet life?


Runes is a YA novel that is full of action, paranormal beings, magic and enough adventure to keep the pages turning from start to finish. The upcoming books in the series can’t come fast enough.


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