Shadow Rising by Cassi Carver

Shadow Rising by Cassi Carver


(Shadow Rising is the second book in The Shadow Slayers series and follows Kara Reed and her friends from the first book in the series Slayer’s Kiss.)


Once again, Cassi Carver has created a divine piece that grips the reader, powering through an emotional and rocky ride, and not relinquishing the mind until far after the last page has been turned. The second book in the series, while steeped in grief and violence, demonstrates the aching beauty of the human condition (even for the immortal).


Kara Reed is dealing poorly with the death of her bondmate Julian. Her grief is all-consuming. In addition, her best friend Abbey is failing to heal from wounds sustained in the devastating final battle with Gable. Abbey’s witch grandmother has halted her attempts to heal Abbey. Kara blames herself for Abbey’s injury and her subsequent failing health.


Coupled with these issues is the fact that Gavin, who vowed to love Kara and be beside her throughout her emotional healing process and beyond, has abandoned her without a single word. His seeming betrayal has almost crippled Kara, though she would never admit to any weakness.


Then, she sees a black-wing who looks exactly like Julian – except for the wings. She swears that that Julian has regenerated, though no one believes her. The other members of the clan think she is just hopeful and that the black-wing is toying with her.


Swirling throughout this emotional chaos are the ongoing attempts on Kara’s life by powerful witches. There are intertwined plots that will intercept and dismay.


Shadow Rising is quite unlike Slayer’s Kiss. For readers who want a continuation of the sexy, steamy scenes that appeared in the first book, look elsewhere (though there is certainly still sex and steam…).


Shadow Rising addresses the emotions and fallout the characters are dealing with after the deaths of both Julian and Gable. While Gable was evil, he was not unimportant, and this is brought home in this second book in the series. 


Cassi Carver does a beautiful job of addressing a vast array of personality characteristics. This book will have the reader crying one moment and furious yet another. Carver’s ability to bring the frailty of human nature to life (even in inhuman characters) is uncanny. Few can write with such depth and beauty. This is a series to savor.



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