Slayer’s Kiss by Cassi Carver

Slayer’s Kiss by Cassi Carver


Kara Reed is not the type of slayer many readers may imagine. She isn’t a vampire slayer, nor does she traipse about searching for demons or other supernatural beings to slay. Once, Kara was brutally attacked and raped. Now, she and her best friend Abbey, a young witch, search for serial rapists, capture them, and hogtie them for the cops to find. Of course, Abbey’s magical prowess insures that the men lose their will (and ability) to rape other women.


Kara grew up in foster care thinking she, too, was a witch, but her magical abilities are severely limited. She’s about to find out that not only is she not a witch, she is not even mortal. Add to this some extremely vivid (and sexy) dreams, and her new life is about to begin. Then she meets Gavin and Julian, two men who keep her hormones on high alert. She desperately wants Gavin, but he refuses to give in to her advances. Julian, on the other hand, cannot resist, even though both men are supposed to be watching over her, and not having passionate sex (or intimate mating) with her. Little does she know that she is about to become a pawn in a world she never knew existed.


Slayer’s Kiss is exceptionally well written. Cassi Carver has the ability to sculpt intricate art with her words. Her scenes of passion are glorious; the reader can sense the emotions of the characters. Those characters are well-developed, each having his/her own distinctive voice.


I was drawn into the story, wanting to know what happened with these people, where they went with their lives. I devoured the book and was saddened when it was over, even though the ending itself was not sad. Few fantasy writers have the ability to write with this level of clarity and beauty. This is most definitely a 5-star read.





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