The Silverwing’s Sorceress by Cassi Carver

The Silverwing’s Sorceress by Cassi Carver


(This is book 2.5 in The Shadow Slayers series.)


The Silverwing’s Sorceress is a novella that provides readers with information about secondary characters Abbey and Jaxon from The Shadow Slayers series.


In the second book, Abbey and Jaxon were sent to Abbey’s mountain cabin to escape danger. Not only was Abbey and Jaxon to be removed from trouble, but Abbey has a serious injury – a carving in her abdomen made by Gable (a member of the Fallen) – that will not heal.


This novella picks up with the trip in progress. Immediately, trouble begins. The couple’s car experiences trouble, Jaxon’s wings won’t work, and Abbey’s cabin has been drastically altered. Additionally, there is death magic at work.


However, not everything is negative. In the midst of the horrors, Jaxon is determined to show Abbey that love is possible. Abbey fears she will lose Jaxon’s friendship if they become lovers.  He also believes that he might hold the key to healing her wound. Can he convince her of the truth and can she be healed?


As usual, Cassi Carver writes beautifully, including some vivid, racy, passionate, love-making; along with some vicious heart-rending battles. This novella is a very quick read, as the action propels the reader from one scene to another. Carver has the rare ability to create an alternate reality that entices the reader to abandon one’s own life for a time and jump headlong into Carver’s creations. What a lovely escape avenue it is!


Note: This is an in-between novella filling in information about what happens to Jaxon and Abbey during portions of book 2, so don’t expect appearances by other characters.


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