The Water Witch by Juliet Dark

The Water Witch (A Fairwick Trilogy) by Juliet Dark


The Water Witch is an immediately gripping novel that draws the reader in with an array of otherworldly characters so descriptive, they become part of the family.


Details throughout the novel are so vivid that the reader becomes embroiled within the story. When Soheila, a succubus, breathes out a breath of wind, the reader can taste the spices carried upon it. When Callie leads the undines to Fairie, the description of the taste of a raspberry is so eloquent, it elicits cravings.


When Callie soars like an owl, the reader can feel the wind through her feathers, feel the urge to kill in her blood.


The action is nonstop and the author doesn’t relinquish her hold upon the reader – ever.


I, for one, shall be awaiting the sequel with bated breath. 


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