Cherishing Destiny by Noelle Blakely

Cherishing Destiny by Noelle Blakely


Cherishing Destiny begins with Destiny beaten and left for dead. As she heals, she reflects back upon her heritage. When her vampire mother died, she transferred her memories to her daughter, Destiny, a Vamphyr.


On the night of Destiny’s conception, the world was struck by a solar storm of unexpected intensity. As a result, the world and all within it were forever changed. A tsunami eradicated major cities; there was no longer power or running water in most places. Communication signals were a thing of the past.


Mercenary Hunters took over the remnants of the highways, determined to eradicate Vampires and most of the Weres in existence.


Vampires seem to have lost their immortality, but have gained the ability to walk in the sun. They can now also reproduce. Their offspring are called Vamphyr. Destiny was the first Vamphyr to be conceived.


The book is about the struggle for power in a new world of shifting borders, changing ideals, and an altering planet.


While the premise is creative, the book is riddled with grammatical and punctuation errors that distract greatly from the story. These errors continuously jerk the reader from the fictional world decreasing the reading pleasure.


Book provided by the author (via Goodreads’ Lovers of Paranormal for an honest review).


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