Storm of Blood by Lissa Bilyk

Storm of Blood  (Storm Force, Book 1) by Lissa Bilyk


The book begins with Christine Storm at a hearing for using her vanquishing rite improperly. She had used her power to kill a human rather than to vanquish a demon as her power is allegedly designed. Even though she killed the man in order to save an innocent girl from the clutches of a serial killer, she is still in trouble with the Council. In addition to having killed a human, she asked a demon to assist in rescuing the girl from the killer. The demon, Tengu, has a treaty with the Council, but the Council is not impressed. As a result, they ban Christine’s (Tina) power.


The Council then assigns Tina and her mother to infiltrate a coven of witches suspected of using blood magic. Tina, who has always protected herself from getting close to anyone, and only has one friend (even though she now finds herself falling for Tengu), is expected to become friends with the young witches in the coven to help determine who is behind the use of blood magic. With her power banned, she at great risk and cannot protect herself or her best friend without her magic. She is surrounded by people of dubious character and many who are extremely dangerous. Thus, begins her greatest problems.


Storm of Blood is very well-written. The action is non-stop and the characters are engaging. The enemy is vile and the reader is thoroughly happy to be disgusted by the bad folks (and they are not all exactly as expected). The heroine is defective and thus so much more effective in her role. The hero is just what one wants in a hero: kind, compassionate, dependable, a shapeshifter, strong, brave, etc. This book is bound to be a success and is one of the very few ongoing series I vow to follow.


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