Crimson Sunrise by Renee Rearden

Crimson Sunrise by Renee Rearden


Saari Mitchell and her two mates are supposed to be spending time getting to know each other in this sequel to Moonlight Bleu. Instead, Dhelis is in Washington, D.C., testifying before the government in an effort to secure more money for the paranormal budget. Brogan has been called to heal a severe gunshot wound inflicted upon a Tueri Council member during a robbery.


Mag and Saari are in serious trouble orchestrated by Dhelis’ long-time, stalking, ex-girlfriend, Josie. The devious plan she has concocted could result in the dissolution of the mating among Saari, Dhelis, and Brogan.


Josie’s plans are rooted in more than simple jealousy. She has a deep-seated need to control and harm that is more twisted than most minds can grasp. It will take Saari, her mates, and all her new friends to unravel Josie’s evil plan and save not only her newly formed Trigonal mating bond, but her new culture as a whole.


Renee Rearden knows how to keep the reader enthralled. Her characters are fully-formed beings with engrossing personalities. The villains are as well-developed as the heroes. Josie is a malicious bitch, a genuine wicked stalker who the reader loves to hate. The men are deliciously different, but all are delectable. This author is someone to follow.  


This book was provided by the author through Goodreads’ Read for Review program in exchange for an honest review.


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