Moonlight Bleu by Renee Rearden

Moonlight Bleu by Renee Rearden


Saari Mitchell, betrayed by her best friend in the 1400s, was forced to watch as her lover was murdered. His murder was used as a sacrifice in a cruel ritual that not only forever deprived Saari of his love, but also cursed her to immortality


Five hundred years later, Saari still has nightmares about the dreadful night her lover was murdered. Each year, before her birthday, the nightmare returns. This year, Saari has begun seeing a psychologist to get to the bottom of the dream. But somehow, Dr. Clayton Lytton has managed to make the dream worse. It occurs nightly now.


Due to her inability to sleep, Saari goes to work early only to intercept a rogue vampire attacking a mother and her toddler. She saves the duo but is injured in the process.


She awakens to find herself in her bedroom being watched by her brother and best friend, Mag, along with a stranger who has eyes exactly like hers. When they touch, the light is so bright, it actually burns Mag. Dhalis Guidry, an investigator, is a member of the Tueri. He explains that such energy reactions indicate a true match. They are mates. He takes her to a healer whose energy also merges with hers. She is mated to two men.


Saari Mitchell, a woman who has never known from whence she came, a woman who long ago gave up on ever loving again is about to find herself not only loving, but loving and mated to two men. She finds that she is a member of the Tueri culture, and struggles to learn the customs.


Simultaneously, a supernatural serial killer is on the loose that could destroy Saari’s chances of love before she’s ever fully grasped them.


Moonlight Bleu is a well-written novel that offers the reader an introduction to a variety of paranormal characters not commonly found. The author creates characters that come to life. The descriptions are so vivid that, at times, I wanted to reach through the page and slap some sense into Dhalis.   


The concept of the Tueri culture is fascinating and compels one to delve further, turning pages to learn more. Additionally, the villain is not exactly what one would expect. The action is fast-paced, and surprises abound.


For lovers of paranormal romance, this author is one that should be included in any decent collection.


This book was provided by the author through the Goodreads Read for Review program in exchange for an honest review.



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