Commitment by Athanasios


This book is the second in the Predatory Ethics series. It begins with Dr. P. Phoggel, whose office is located in Boston, searching his system for a man of indeterminate age or race, but who fits within certain criteria. Phoggel is the doctor in charge of psychiatric hospitals throughout Massachusetts. He found “his” patient at Danvers State Psychiatric Hospital.


This patient was incarcerated in the hospital after having been found with more than 30 corpses displaying a variety of “artistic” scenes. The body parts of the corpses had been severed and rearranged in very creative manners to depict scenarios ranging from the manger scene to scenes from “The Godfather”.


The patient, upon his arrest, provided no name, age, or other information and would only say that the death found displayed before him was a tribute. He soon fell virtually catatonic and remained that way, snug in a strait jacket, for quite some time. He did not speak at any point throughout his trial or conviction; he was found to be insane.


The patient’s only interest seemed to be entertainment: books, movies, television. Oddly, many of the other patients at the hospital would call him the “Redeemer”, or “Savior”, or “The One”.  He received mail addressed in the same manner from all over the world. Several serial killers asked for special favor in his eyes. Many began to commit crimes as “tribute” to him.


Phoggel was curious as to how people knew how to find him since there was no official record of his exact location.  He was also interested in finding out why the patient thought he was the son of Satan, or how he thought he could be the Anti-Christ or Christ. He worked to help the patient with his delusions.


At this time, Adam (the patient – who had not volunteered his name) is traumatized from the events that transpired prior to his incarceration, involving Kosta. The doctors can’t possibly understand much of Adam’s behavior since they believe Adam to be an adult, often writing in their notes about his reverting to childish behavior and demonstrating childish reactions to television programs. They don’t realize that he ­is a child.


While Adam is in the mental institution, the fight over him continues. The Luciferians, Dark Nobility, Black Nobility, Catholic Church, and even some pagan religions are vying for Adam’s attention. Some wish to destroy him, some wish him to literally go to Hell, others have more twisted desires.


This novel continues the journey begun by Mad Gods: Predatory Ethics, but isn’t quite as satisfying. It focuses on Adam’s efforts to heal himself after the events he’s experienced thus far in his life, but doesn’t (in my opinion) seem to take it quite far enough.


Athanasios writes an intriguing story, filled with religious malice and intrigue. The dangers continue and evidence is made for a third book.


This is most definitely a book to read. Keep in mind this in not a quick read; and one needs to read the first in the series in order to fully understand this book.


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