And the Stars Will Sing by Michelle Browne

“And the Stars Will Sing” by Michelle Browne


Crystal Weiss is leaving Mars for the first real job she’s had out of college. She’s going to work on the transport ship Crossing Paths close to the Orion system, helping calculate the location of a wormhole.


She doesn’t tell anyone she has the ability to mindsearch for fear of being recruited into the field. Once a person becomes a mindsearcher professionally, the risk of madness increases. Crystal likes to mindsearch for fun and relaxation. After a long day of work-induced stress, there is nothing quite like the feel of open space in one’s mind. And on this journey, with this motley crew of co-workers, she needs whatever form of relaxation she can find. Add to that someone sending the ship ominous threats of pirating this first job is beginning to look like it’s more than it’s worth.


Michelle Browne creates full-bodied characters with lively personalities in very complicated jobs trying (or not trying, in some cases) to get along. She is extremely adept at building tension while simultaneously describing detailed high-tech science fiction settings. The reader’s imagination is kept on hyper-alert throughout the tale.


This book was received in exchange for an honest review.


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