Knightfall by Robert Lawrence

Knightfall by Robert Lawrence


Ben Knight, a child prodigy in the field of physics, was taken from his family to work for Excelsior in order to perform research. By age 15, he had found a way to access limitless free energy.


As he and his team of scientists were celebrating his scientific prowess, a group of mercenaries broke into the underground lab. During the resulting gun fight, Ben was flung into the sphere of light produced by his test and that was once protected by a containment field.  He was knocked unconscious by the blast.


Once he regained consciousness, he is alone. The lab is empty. When he goes outside, it is no longer summer. For some reason, it is now the height of winter with snow deep upon the ground. Ben finds himself about to be thrust into the adventure of a lifetime.


Knightfall is a surprisingly fresh, creative story, taking the reader on an adventure unlike any other. The characters become friends and hated enemies and the reader becomes swept along in the saga of their lives. The landscape – while changed – is eerily familiar, hauntingly reminding the reader of home, and whispering the hope of wonderful possibilities for the future.


This novel was provided by the author as an ARC in exchange for an honest review.


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