The Shoulders of Giants by Jim Cliff

The Shoulders of Giants by Jim Cliff


Gregory Patterson, first client of Jake Abraham, and former chief of police was only a year or so before accused of working with the mob Patterson wants Abraham to find his daughter.


One day into the case, Patterson is warned off by a couple of thugs who back their threats with knives and guns.


Soon Abraham’s investigation is tied in with a police investigation; the police are searching for a serial killer. Abraham offers his help, but is politely turned away. As the body count rises, however, they are soon comparing notes and visiting crime scenes together. There is evidence of mob affiliation with some of the victims, but not others. As tension mounts, Abraham discovers that he is drawn to one of Susan’s former lovers, Abby. Abby, an attorney, is stunning in every way. Abraham asks her out in spite of the possible conflict of interest, and also in spite of nagging questions he has about her complicity.


Cliff’s writing style is impressively reminiscent of Jonathan Kellerman or Robert B. Parker with his rapid fire sentences and occasional unexpected sarcasm or offbeat humor. The chapters are of appropriate length and the book practically reads itself it is so compelling. Jim Cliff is to be commended on his fine ability to turn a phrase.


This novel was provided by the author in exchange for an honest review (participating in Goodreads Read for Review program).


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