Chainsaw Jane by Marie-Jo Fortis

Chainsaw Jane by Marie-Jo Fortis


Jane Dzhugahvili is visited by Julie Hoffman and Detective Hercules Leek from the NYPD. They visited Jane for a Tarot reading to get information regarding a woman who has disappeared. The department, in the past, has come to believe in the dependability and reliability of Jane’s readings and have no reason to believe this time will be any different.


Jane practically raised Julie and her friend Zoe Zimmerman. As it appears Jane might be in danger, Julie sends Zoe to convince Jane to stay with her in New York until Julie’s case is solved.  Jane, being stubborn, won’t want to leave her home in the best of circumstances, but now her best friend has disappeared as well.


The characters are likeable, though easily forgettable. The villain seems to be selected somewhat as an afterthought, with little initial information provided to tie him in to anything of note or otherwise provoke reader curiosity.


Additionally, there was little mystery to the novel and few suspenseful moments. The phrasing was clunky and often annoyingly repetitive. For example, Hoffman’s partner, Det. Leek was repeatedly referred to as “feline,” not once or twice, but over and over throughout the novel. Given this isn’t a shifter novel, this word use became very tiresome.


Fortis has strong potential and will certainly create a series from some of these characters that will scream to be heard.


This novel was provided by the author in exchange for an honest review (part of the ongoing Goodreads Read for Review program).


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