William S. Club by Riley Banks

The William S. Club by Riley Banks


The novel begins at the end of 1941, in London, during a bombing blitz by the Germans. People were rushing about seeking shelter from the falling bombs. One man remained seemingly unfazed by the turmoil. He was woefully underdressed for the cold and ignored the shouts to seek shelter. This was William, who seemed to have no hope, yet swiftly seemed to find hope in a newspaper tossed into his face by the wind.


The William S. Club is made up of the elite power force of Harvey Incorporated and consists entirely of the three living William Sydney Harveys, the living heirs to that first William Sydney Harvey, who braved the bombing in London to start the Harvey real estate empire.


The William S. Harvey Club is hosting a massive party to ring in the New Year. It begins in France and continues on to several other countries. Many beautiful journalists from around the world have been invited (ordered) to attend. They are wined and dined in lavish manner, with nothing expected in return except some positive press at the end of the tour.


This year, Charlotte Burke, from the Daily Telegraph in London is one of those selected to attend. For some reason, simply boarding the plane belonging to the William S. Club begins to trigger something akin to a panic attack. She hazily relives brief memories that she isn’t even sure are real. And seeing Daman Harvey, the twin brother of the youngest “William” in the Club sends shock waves of fear coursing throughout her body.


The William S. Club is stunningly well written, with a number of characters, subplots, and issues that should appeal to readers of any number of genres from mystery to science fiction. Banks has the ability to keep the pace swift, never letting boredom set in, while ensuring there are enough questions to keep even the most curious reader guessing until the bitter, violent end.


This novel was provided by the author in exchange for an honest review (part of the ongoing Goodreads Read for Review program).



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