A Class Apart

A Class Apart by Stephen Henning

Samantha and James Blake, twins, and 28 other students are returning from a school field trip when a bomb detonates inside a wrecked car left on the road. Many students are killed; several are injured.

A girl on a nearby rooftop pauses to film the debacle and listen to the screams. She pauses to send a photo on her cell phone, make a call and then tumbles from rooftop to ground like a gymnast and disappears.

Both twins survive; as they begin to heal, they begin to feel a bit strange…and they begin to manifest some changes. The others begin to change too…and beware those who come into contact with them.

Stephen Henning knows how to write an adventure! This book grabs the reader by the throat and doesn’t let go until way past the very last page. The characters are interesting, the story is fascinating, and the bad guys are annoying and properly evil. Though the bad guys aren’t always bad, some are worse than evil, some are confused, and some remain to be seen.

Henning has an extremely hot hit series on his hands. Hang on tight, buckle up, and get in this ride, folks!!

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