A Prescription for Delirium

A Prescription for Delirium by Noree Cosper


Gabriella de Luca waits at a bar to meet with the three remaining Van Helsing brothers: Adrian, Esais, and Tres. Unfortunately, a hellhound is also at the bar. Gabriella is able to confound his sense of smell to allow them to escape.

            Gabriella has been chasing the devil, Ose, for many centuries. She has now caught up with him and his demon daughter, Melantha, in a small Texas town. She has also met a Cajun woman, Margeurite Devereux, who is chasing a demon in hopes of securing a contract sold by her mother many years ago.

            The town of Hampton is in for a wild and unsavory ride as the demons and devil play in both the local carnival and the local insane asylum. The latest generation of Van Helsings has no practical training; Margeurite is filled with a demon killing frenzy, and Gabby just wants to make sure the Van Helsings make it through this whole adventure safe and sound.

            Noree Cosper starts the novel with a scene designed to pull the reader in, and each scene thereafter follows suit. This is a new and novel look at the Van Helsings. Lovers of the paranormal should definitely read this one.

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