Edenwitch – Part One

Edenwitch – Part One – The Witches of Jericho by Sam Hammack

Evelyn Falcomye, 8-yr.old daughter Sophia, husband Saul must flee the burning city. The dar’Shaol entered the city and grabbed all witches and sympathizers and burned them at the stake. The Guardians, of which Saul is a member, tried to protect them, but were outnumbered and unprepared for the severity of the battle.

The small family must separate; Evelyn must travel to the Misted Mountains to see her brother, Lucas. During her travels, she finds that she is being followed by the evil witches, Regina and Claire. She had received a letter from her brother before the great battle warning her of trouble, but it was very vague, so she had simply ignored it; now she wonders.

She makes it to her brother’s cave to find that he has been working for the Dark Lord. He has created a device that can transport people between worlds. Evelyn runs with the key and ensures that the orb of transport is kept out of the hands of Regina and Claire.

Ten years later, Sophia comes looking for her mother. Sophia has begun to feel the power of her magic but has no control over it, so fears using after seeing so much murder and destruction over witchcraft. Now, though, at night, she dreams of her mother, and hears her calling Sophia for help. Her father wants her to stay with him, where he believes her to be safe.

She leaves for Jericho; when she arrives there, she finds it filled with people, bustling, but with the dar’Shaol standing watch over all. Their milky yellow eyes search for any sight o those who dare to practice magic, or even to speak of it.

Tension mounts as the members of the family rush to reunite with death stalking them.

This was a quick read, with interesting build up for the first book of the series. It is full of suspense; the characters and both interesting and compelling.

It doesn’t really seem to end on a fluid note. This could be because the author planned it that way, but there is no real feeling of resolution of anything in this first book. On the very bright side, the second book is ready and waiting to be read…

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