Edenwitch – Part Three

Edenwitch – Part Three – The Guardians by Sam Haddack

The back story of the Dark Lord, Lucef, is told. When he belonged to the Reiynoken, the original winged Guardians, he stole from the Source. So Lucef Falcomye, the evil guardian who stole and murdered, lost his wings and was banished.

Arturus went searching for his grandfather beneath the city, within the caverns, where the Source waters continued to run cold and pure. His search then led him even further through the river under Eden.

Julius Ramano, a youngling Reiynoken left the labyrinths to live. Unlike his brethren, he is young, and wants to live. He followed a horrid stench for miles and miles until he discovered evil witches, Regina and Claire. As usual, they were plotting how to secure Sophia to present to their Dark Lord.

This book introduces several new subplots and story directions. The book would have been better if some of the story lines had been better developed and others introduced at another point, perhaps, This book seemed a bit busy, with so much being introduced all at once, but nothing being done. Also, the tones of some of the characters shift in mid-book; that can be a bit disconcerting. However, if all the plot lines pan out, the next book should be rather interesting.

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