Edenwitch – Part Two

Edenwitch – Part Two – Voodoo Spells by Sam Hammack

The second book in the series begins with the Dark Lord, living in the desert wasteland, soaking up the heat, in his prison of never-ending sun and sand. He is thinking of his success in controlling people from afar; possessing them and bending them to his will. He is still furious at Lucas, brother of Evelyn Falcomye, who created the machine capable of removing him from this place. Instead, the machine is now in the F’eryamielan near the Misted Mountains.

Sophia, and her friend Divie, are searching for her mother. They are beginning by visiting the voodoo witch. The Dark Lord has sent the traitor witches, Claire and Regina after them.

This book, like the first, is a quick read. The characters continue to grow and become more developed throughout the novel. Hammack has the ability to craft a fine, magical story. The few blips aren’t enough to detract from the grasp he has on the reader’s attention. His grip is strong.

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