Killing Nazis

Killing Nazis by Niko Kalpakis

Themis, a painter is angry with himself for being unable to paint the simple vision he wishes to paint. He wanders out to find food and discovers the Zulu man who owns the corner mini mart has been murdered in the street.

Themis spent weeks each summer with his grandmother who encouraged him to “protect his gift.” She told him that his gift would be there for him always, and urged him to place it above love, friendship, family, or other fleeting concerns. His gift would not betray him, she told him, but people always would.

Niko Kalpakis has an interesting idea in this short story. It is very rough and still needs editing, but the story itself is compelling enough it kept me reading, even though I am usually averse to reading unedited stories.

I know that I have been told to use my gift or it would disappear. It leads one to wonder just what “gift” people are referring to in those cases when all is not clearly specified. Kalpakis is an author with potential.

I read a completely unedited ARC in exchange for an honest review.

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