The Plunge

The Plunge by Sindhu S.

Anjali, a woman nearing thirty, has decided she is in love with Siddharth, a happily married man. Anjali is a reporter with the India Independent. Siddharth is over the Sunday desk in the Delhi office of the paper. When the earthquake hit Katch, he assigned her to write a human-interest piece on the survivors.

She didn’t really even know him. She had heard his voice and communicated mostly by email. She had seen him only once – then only briefly, when he’d visited her office, yet somehow, she managed to fall wholly in love with him.

When Anjali plans to meet with Siddharth at last, her nervousness is palpable; she has never really been in love before. She has always carefully protected herself and even guarded against lust, but somehow Siddharth’s flirty emails have awakened something in her. She believes this man cares for her as a person; she believes he sees her as someone of worth, not just a female to be used for sex and discarded.

Her friends have all tried to warn her to stay away from Siddharth, but she is drawn to this man, her love.

The Plunge is a heartbreaking glimpse of the life of a single woman in India who grew up having never been kissed – by anyone. This book illuminates breathtaking images of the country and devastating portraits of the decisions we often make.

Sindhu S. has a rare talent for drawing the reader in so deeply, the reader begins to live and breathe the lives of the main characters. The emotional ups and downs are stunning. This should definitely be an addition to your personal library. And keep an eye open for future works of this author.  

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