Bad Mouth

Bad Mouth by Angela McCallister

Valerie, a ranking member of the Vampire Liaison Office (VLO), and her best friend, Graham, traveled to meet with Oren and Evangeline – the rulers of the vampires – the Dominorum. The primary issues of concern were bloodings and illegal transformations. These illegal transformations resulted in a massive increase in deranged vampires.

The Dominorum assigned one vampire, to Val’s dismay, to work with them. Without explaining anything at all about this one vampire, other than his name, Kade Rollins, they were dismissed. Kade was an adjuvant; he performed transformations, and he didn’t like humans.

One of the deranged vampires Val would be hunting with Kade and Graham would be her ex-husband, Will. His determination to transform was the primary cause for her hatred, and the end of their relationship.

Pairing a human-hating vampire and a vampire –hating human makes a volatile combination. Add to that a lawyer in love with Val – a man who was her ex-husband’s best friend and who stood by her through the relationship’s death. Mix in some complicated vampire/human politics and stand back and watch the fireworks.

Angela McCallister writes with skill and passion. As a former editor, she is also not going to massacre the beauty that is the English language. Bad Mouth is a delicious paranormal romance wrapped in a dangerous mystery.

McCallister provides an exciting new look into vampire life, adding spice to what some authors might serve us bland.

Readers will want to stay up to read this book until the last exciting page is turned, sighing with longing when there are no more pages to be found. This is vampire fiction at its finest.


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