REVIEW: Cursed

Cursed by Wendy Owens

Book Two in The Guardians Series (It is advised to read these books in series order)

Cursed begins in an arena with Gabe taking his tests. He must pass his first and second year exams so he can begin as a third year student and be in classes with most of his friends. Unlike others who’d had years to learn and practice, Gabe learned he was a Guardian only that summer; so he’d had only weeks to learn what he needed in order to pass his exams.

Michael is no longer the doting leader he’d been when Gabe had first moved to the Manor; he’s hypercritical of Gabe when he’s around, and that isn’t often.

When classes start, Gabe and Sophie have half of their classes together, allowing them to spend even more time together. Yet Michael seems opposed to everything Gabe wants, including his relationship with Sophie. Soon, her schedule is suspiciously changed. After that, things go wrong surprisingly quickly.

Some of the classes and references to school activities in this book in the series sound a bit “Harry Potter-ish”, while other parts sound like battle prep for Armageddon, which is precisely what author Wendy Owens aims for in most cases.

Owens continues to expand upon the adventurous theme set forth in the first book of this series. Her imagination is astounding as she sends her characters on ever expanding quests into more dangerous territory. Her work is believable, frightening, yet hopeful. She writes with both passion and integrity. It is definitely a series worth reading.

This ARC was received from the author in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.



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