REVIEW: Ravenous by Eden Summers

Ravenous by Eden Summers

Jesse left eight years ago the big city, deciding the small farming life wasn’t for him. He left Erin behind. Now he’d returned to Holbrook for his mother’s birthday and Erin was to cater the party.

Three days of nothing but Jesse. For Erin, Jesse had been her heart and soul, but when they turned 18, he decided he wanted work in Sydney. She wanted to stay in Holbrook. He broke her heart, or so she though.

She sees him now and her heart beats in turn with his. In eight years, she should have healed.

Jesse wanted to tell Erin that she had never left his heart or his mind. But that still left the reality: Erin’s life is in Holbrook; Jesse’s in Sydney.  Is there a way for true love to break through the harsh reality of long distance and the unwillingness of either to move?

Eden Summers has the unique ability to create characters that speak to the heart and soul. The reader becomes vested in the lives of these people and begins to truly care about the outcome. Many may remember the heartbreak of leaving someone behind to pursue a dream job and always wondering what might have been. Ravenous brings the heartache and longing clearly to the forefront; combined with the trademark passion and eroticism that only Summers can create and Ravenous is a book that those hungry for love and a dreamy happily ever after must immediately consume.

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