REVIEW: The Lost Years

The Lost Years by Wendy Owens

The Guardians Series Book 4

On the night Gabe witnessed Sophie, his love, the girl he risked his life to save, and his best friend, Uri, passionately kissing, his world came crashing down, and he left Rampart Manor. He felt he’d been betrayed by his best friend ad he didn’t want to stay and watch love develop between Uri and Sophie when Sophie didn’t even remember who Gabe was. He also felt Michael was not the father figure he’d first thought him to be and he just wanted out.

His friends were left behind to deal with an invasion and ever-escalating warfare. Gabe, in his own little world, knew nothing of what was happening with his friends. He needed time to think, to heal and to become.

This novel tells what happens during the five years Gabe traveled, trying to find his peace and his place in the world. It tells of Dina visiting the Oracle the night he fled and knowing what his needs would be, as well as so very much more. It tells readers about the lives of the characters central to the series for five very important years.

This novel, of all the preceding novels, really showcases the author’s talents. Wendy Owens brings the characters full circle here in preparation for the upcoming “grand finale” and all that it holds. This book is packed with emotions. Readers will realize just how attached they’ve become to these many characters.

It is at this point that readers realize how much they’ve come to think of these characters as living, breathing entities. The pain experienced by one becomes the reader’s pain. When one character acts foolishly, the reader may feel compelled to ask the character what she is thinking, and so forth. Owens’ talent is extraordinary in this capacity. Her character development is unmatched.

So much is packed into what seems to be so few pages when one is reading it. The author has the amazing talent of creating a story that keeps reader enthralled, from beginning to end.

This ARC was received from the author in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.


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