REVIEW: The Prophecy

The Prophecy by Wendy Owens

The Guardians Series Book Three (It is advisable to read this series in order.)

Gabe has been in hiding, alone, for five years. He has built a nice home with his own hands; a tiny log cabin amid the copper-lined mountains, protecting him from psychic wavelengths. He’s named his place “Haven.”

Gabe awakens one morning to find someone there. Uri has shown up with Rachel, the young woman who is prophesied to give birth to the prophet.

Uri needs a place to hide the girl. She isn’t pregnant yet, so he has trouble understanding why Gabe is hesitant to let her stay. After much discussion and persuasion on Uri’s part, Gabe agrees to let Rachel stay for a very brief while.

The first days are rough. Gabe doesn’t want his self-imposed isolation broken or his safe haven compromised. He resents Rachel’s every intrusion. But after a particularly nasty altercation, Rachel says a few things Gabe simply must investigate. Is he selfish? Does he leave a path of death in his wake? Rachel, a kind, lovely girl, is there to pick up the pieces when he gets his answers. From this, the prophecy takes hold.

Wendy Owens manages to find a way to continue to grow this series into something even more than it already was. The Prophecy is a story of love gone wrong, passions righted, love found, and a boy becoming a man. Owens taps into many levels of humanity to create this continuing saga of the Guardians.

In this book, all vestiges of youth indicative in the prior books have vanished. This is a time for growing up. The characters have matured. As such, their pains are those of young adults. Owens is able to write about these emotions with honesty and enthusiasm, without being condescending. It is a refreshing look into an ever-progressing series.

This ARC was received from the author in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.


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