Nothing but Drama

I once was an avid supporter of Indie authors. No more. I have received numerous books to read that were so poor, I have changed my policy so that I no longer accept electronic submissions, unless they are from the few indie authors I know are talented, or who have been professionally published and who have now gone “indie.” I do not condone games. I do not approve of attempts to ruin other authors or interfere in their marketing. If an author is so challenged by others, it is clear that author isn’t suited for the work. Writing is a profession where the person is supposed to challenge him or herself to write a better product each time, NOT spend time dragging others’ names through the mud. Time should be spent WRITING. Those on Street Teams who participate in such mud-slinging behavior should know better and should immediately distance themselves from such petty authors. Why would anyone want to help one author harm another? I only wish such people (authors and Street Team members alike) could be charged with a crime, such as libel or slander. That seems to be the only way this unprofessional behavior will ever end.

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