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The Truth

I, too, have a memory. I support your right to speak against your abusers. This is the only way you can ever heal. Don’t expect them to ever admit to the truth. They probably won’t. But I believe you. I know how it is to have people blame you for the abuse, to call you a liar, etc. I empathize with you. I understand. Your family is WRONG. You are RIGHT.

I Have Memory

The Truth

By Virginia Carraway Stark

After the last blog I published I had a roaring response from my family who were angered that I dared to talk about the abuse I had suffered. The responses fall into the chart of classic abuse to perfection.

abuse children

The minimized, denied and blamed me for the abuse. One member of my ‘family’ said that it wasn’t any wonder Katy shunned me because I dared to talk about the abuse. The messages sent to me by family who were suddenly made aware of my blog was phenomenal. They attempted to intimidate me, threaten me, call me names, abuse me emotionally and to shun me.

abuse intimidation

I don’t think they realized how that made me feel because it let something loose inside of me. It was like it was the midnight hour and someone called out, ‘Unmask, unmask’ and all their true monstrous faces were revealed…

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