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REVIEW: Sacred Bloodlines

Sacred Bloodlines by Wendy Owens

The Guardians Book One (It is advisable to read books in order)

Gabe is waiting at the subway station, brooding over the social worker’s words; thinking people must believe he is cursed. As he prepared to get on the subway, he heard white noise, but only inside his head. He froze. Others passed him and before he could rush onto the car, he saw a woman in front of the doors to the subway. She was surrounded by a full-body aura of a strange gray color. She wore a leather trench coat; her short hair was slicked back. As she looked at him before getting on the car, her eyes briefly shone with a touch of red.

Gabe had visions his whole life, though he’d never been believed. His parents died when he was a small child and the lengthy list of therapists he’d been sent to usually attributed everything to their deaths.

Each vision is followed by a catastrophe. The subway car in front of him exploded – just as this vision had been followed by a catastrophe. Gabe hid under the subway bench to count away his fears as his mother had taught him. Shortly thereafter, someone wearing combat boots sat on the bench.

The person offered Gabe a hand (wearing a glove – black mesh, no fingers). The person, who wore a very unusual ring, had eyes eerily similar to Gabe’s. The boy told Gabe that many people knew of him.

The stranger’s name was Uri and he was like Gabe. Soon Gabe is hearing about a prophecy and that he, Gabe, is an important part of it. He agreed to travel with Uri to learn a bit more, but he wasn’t immediately trustful.

Wendy Owens packs quite a bit in this first book of the Guardians series. She is able, in the very first pages, to jerk the reader into the story and along for a very exciting journey. This journey involves quests, healing, hesitant heroes and blustery heroes alike.

I was especially pleased that Owens made many of her heroes fallible. In so many novels, the heroes are people we’d never meet in real life. In this book, Michael, the man in charge of Rampart Manor, an angel on the frontlines of the battle, is far from perfect. Gabe isn’t particularly brave, some of the other students, Guardians all, are critical. This story becomes more believable with each character Owens creates.

This ARC was received from the author in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.