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Glacial Eyes

Glacial Eyes by J.K. Walker

Jasmine Bedeau awoke in the forest the night after a rave. She was nude, with a massive “hangover.” Since she barely drank the night before, she couldn’t understand why her hangover was so bad. The Sheriff’s Department had come looking for her; apparently she had been reported missing from the party.

As the EMT loaded her into the ambulance, she noticed that her senses toward him as a male were particularly acute. For some odd reason, she actually “sniffed” him for his desirability as a mate.  Even odder, she actually thought in that term: mate.

When she slept, she dreamed of blood and claws. When next she looked at herself, it’s to realize that her breasts have grown and her eyes have changed color. She soon received even more astonishing news. Lt. Mitchell is the werewolf alpha of the local pack and instead of taking her home from the hospital as he said he was going to do, he took her before the supernatural Council, and charged her with the murder of the man who had drugged her and then tried to rape her. He did this even though she doesn’t remember attacking the man and has no idea what she is accused of being– only that her eyes are a light blue with striations of other blues and her breasts are larger. Since her parents are dead, she has no one to ask what type of creature she could be.

At the meeting, she found herself inexplicably drawn to Logan Bucher, a Dampyr, and the Council representative for vampires. She also found herself thrust in the midst of a murder investigation in order to avoid death for a murder she doesn’t remember committing.

J.K. Walker’s writing is tight, lively, filled with action and plot twists. The characters are interesting and easy to love (or to hate). The dialogue is often amusing, sometimes frightening, but always compelling. Walker has created a series that begs to be followed.