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Desires Unleashed by D.N. Simmons

Desires Unleashed by D.N. Simmons

(Knights of the Darkness Chronicles – Book 1)

Detective Warren Davis and his partner, Detective Matthew Eric, considered the best investigators in the Supernatural Unit Investigation Team (SUIT), have been assigned a decapitation/exsanguination case by their captain. They suspect the murderer is a vampire. The two have been partners for many years, even before the creation of SUIT, so they get along with each very well, thus making an exceptional team.

Annette and Natasha, roommates and best friends become intricately connected in the story. Annette works at Desires Unleashed, a dance and strip club owned by vampires. Annette is slim, but curvy; she works five days a week at the club. Natasha has been out of work and living with Annette as she searches for employment. She is prejudiced against vampires, due to ignorance about the species, as well as supernatural forms, as the story begins.

Detective Davis is a shifter, but cannot tell anyone on the force due to continuing specie-ism. His partner knows, but overall, the police force wouldn’t want “his kind” working there, even though there is a serial killer on the loose and a supernatural officer could be very useful.

Within this story, the killer is supposed to be targeting Detective Davis but, sadly, this part of the story gets lost in the various love connections the author has going on throughout the novel. Natasha, who I am sure, is supposed to come off as a woman with free morals, who is not afraid to take what she wants, instead comes off as something of a slut. She seems to lust after everything that walks, with absolutely no control over her libido.

In spite of the plotting flaws, the novel is still quite engrossing. It included people opening up to others outside their “races”, accepting divergent cultures and species and, had some super hot sex scenes that did fit into the plot. I believe there simply wasn’t enough room to contain all that was happening in the scope of one small book. This author is definitely one paranormal lovers should check out.

I received this copy through Goodreads’ Read for Review Program in exchange for an honest review.