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What Happened in Witches Wood

What Happened in Witches Wood by Stephen Henning

NOTE: This is the second book in the CLASS HEROES series.

There were rumors about Witches Wood; there are ghosts lurking in its shadowy depths. Reports of sightings of these ghosts go back many centuries. It is just James and Samantha Blake’s luck that their grandparent’s house abutted the wood, but they are forbidden to enter it. Their grandfather told them it is dangerous but refused to explain further. Of course, sometimes the twins fail to follow the rules; this time they discover that perhaps the reason they were forbidden to venture into the wood is because their Aunt Katie died there. She also haunts the wood. What is even more eerie is that she looks almost exactly like Samantha.

James and Samantha Blake are spending the summer with their grandparents in the country due to circumstances that happened at the end of the school year. These events resulted in the Blake twins having what they called “super powers.” However, they are also stalked by a girl named Lolly who also seems to have powers. Their grandfather said he knew what was going on, but so far he hasn’t shared.

Could things get stranger? Oh, yes. Lolly’s father, the world famous Sir Michael Rosewood has taken an unhealthy interest in the twins. He is meeting secretly with their mum and granddad. What is going on?

Stephen Henning has once again created an adventure thrilling enough for all ages. Henning’s imagination is an object of rare and wonderful beauty. He crafts villains of profound evil and heroes both of epic proportions, willing to sacrifice all, as well as those who are heroic, yet all too human, wanting to do the right thing, but understanding that time is limited, and only so many can be saved.  

What Happened In Witches Wood is touching in its reality, while also amazing in its creativity. The super powers displayed by heroes and villains alike are super, indeed. Readers of all ages will be amazed and intrigued. The characters are captivating and appealing in their individuality. Some are lovely; others are annoying. Henning does an incredible job of making them all too human.

This series is a must read. Henning is one of those authors that should be added to every collectors’ shelves, such as King, Deaver, Patterson, Koontz, and others of their ilk.