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Love at Stake by Victoria Davies

Abbey is the sole human employee at Fated Match, a dating service for supernatural beings. Melissa Redgrave, famous vampire, wants to become a client, but her “father,” Lucian Redgrave, will not allow it unless he has first approved of the company. Abbey is selected to interview the two.

Abbey hates vampires, but her boss, a vindictive siren named Vivien, only cares about securing the contract that will insure her company’s continued financial stability.

After hearing all of the statistics, success information, and enrollment procedures, Lucien finally agreed to allow his daughter to enroll in the program. But there would be one huge condition. Fated Match had to first find Lucian’s mate.

On top of this condition, he refused to work with any of the usual experts the company assigned to its clients. He would work only with Abbey. She was to update his wardrobe, assist in preparing him for dates, and so on. Vivien was not amused. She was convinced that Abbey was trying to have a relationship with the vampire and was quite insulting in her assessment of the situation.

The more Abbey worked with Lucien, the more her attraction to him grew (and it was quite strong at first sight). She knew, though, that vampires view humans as beneath them and that such a relationship would never work, so she strove to keep herself distant, no matter the difficulty. For Lucien’s part, he met all the perfect people Abbey found for him, yet no one seemed to interest him as much as Abbey. He longed for her company, even though he knew it was folly.

Davies has written a fun, quick read with interesting characters. Abbey was a great heroine, snarky, intelligent and strong. Lucien was divine, tall, dark and handsome. Vivien made a wonderful enemy, with her controlling, overbearing ways and cruel words. Melissa was kind, sweet, and a wonderful addition as a secondary character.  The characters were so real they came alive on the page.

The one problem I had with the book was that Abbey got over her alleged dislike of vampires a bit too quickly. Also, the reasons for her dislike weren’t explained very well (other than vampires being “peckish” around humans). If she truly disliked vampires, she would have needed a bit more persuasion to become involved with one.

Otherwise, the book was well-written, nicely paced, and sexy.

4 glowing stars!

The publisher provided an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.

Goodreads:  https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/20442441-love-at-stake

Amazon Buy Link: http://www.amazon.com/Love-at-Stake-Entangled-Covet-ebook/dp/B00HP1JZ5I

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Glacial Eyes

Glacial Eyes by J.K. Walker

Jasmine Bedeau awoke in the forest the night after a rave. She was nude, with a massive “hangover.” Since she barely drank the night before, she couldn’t understand why her hangover was so bad. The Sheriff’s Department had come looking for her; apparently she had been reported missing from the party.

As the EMT loaded her into the ambulance, she noticed that her senses toward him as a male were particularly acute. For some odd reason, she actually “sniffed” him for his desirability as a mate.  Even odder, she actually thought in that term: mate.

When she slept, she dreamed of blood and claws. When next she looked at herself, it’s to realize that her breasts have grown and her eyes have changed color. She soon received even more astonishing news. Lt. Mitchell is the werewolf alpha of the local pack and instead of taking her home from the hospital as he said he was going to do, he took her before the supernatural Council, and charged her with the murder of the man who had drugged her and then tried to rape her. He did this even though she doesn’t remember attacking the man and has no idea what she is accused of being– only that her eyes are a light blue with striations of other blues and her breasts are larger. Since her parents are dead, she has no one to ask what type of creature she could be.

At the meeting, she found herself inexplicably drawn to Logan Bucher, a Dampyr, and the Council representative for vampires. She also found herself thrust in the midst of a murder investigation in order to avoid death for a murder she doesn’t remember committing.

J.K. Walker’s writing is tight, lively, filled with action and plot twists. The characters are interesting and easy to love (or to hate). The dialogue is often amusing, sometimes frightening, but always compelling. Walker has created a series that begs to be followed.



Aphrodite’s Hunt by Jennifer Blackstream

Aphrodite’s Hunt by Jennifer Blackstream


NOTE: This book contains material that is not recommended for those under the age of 18 or those who are offended by sexually explicit material. All others…enjoy!


Sorin is a vampire who uses energy instead of blood to maintain his life force; he has long since given up on pursuing any real life for himself. Energy from his small Brownie servant/friend, Grigore, simply isn’t enough to keep him going. He has become so weak that merely walking has become a chore for him.


Gia, an alpha werewolf from a nearby pack, shows up on his doorstep asking for his help. Sorin is instantly attracted to her, though he doesn’t understand why, since he, a consummate gentleman in every way, has always held himself above werewolves with their beastly ways.


Gia asks for his help to hide her from the pack during the three days of the full moon in order to avoid Aphrodite’s hunt. Her pack, sick of her weak and traitorous mate has asked Aphrodite for help in finding Gia an appropriate mate by bringing on the Hunt. So, for the three days of the full moon, Gia will be attracted to all werewolf males strong enough to be her mate. She wants to avoid having a mate thrust upon her, so she believes she can avoid the werewolf mating ritual by hiding at Sorin’s house for the duration.


Sorin has a dark history he hasn’t shared with the people in the area, so Gia may have bitten off more than she can chew.


Jennifer Blackstream has no problem keeping this story scorching hot. In addition to the very passionate sex, there is an interesting story line that is compelling, main characters that are developed and extremely interesting, and the possibility of a follow-up on the story line, if the author chooses. Blackstream has an easy writing style with few issues that interrupt the narrative flow.


This novel was provided by the author in exchange for an honest review (participating in Goodreads Read for Review program).